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Peter Silie:
Greetings, players!

As most of you know, we are just an old clan of OpenArena and had much fun in the past.
Some of us old guys decided to come back to OA and play as the clan as we was in the past: a bunch of guys, who just want to have fun, fragging other ppl ;D

To all our old members we want to clarify, that all of you have the possibility to resurrect your old nick and become a member of GoD again - with the beautiest tag of the whole community ofc :lol:

To all curious ppl out there, who like to get part of this voyage, we have a simple message to you: just pm our site admin (and unofficial leader :D ) and we will take care of you.

But remember: like in the old days, we just want to have fair and neat players around us.

No forum spaming needed (hey, thats my part :lol: ) , no ingame conversation if you do not like: just be friendly, play fair and have fun!

ps: i guess i will get some hurts for this post :lol:


--- Quote from: Peter Silie on 10.04.2015, 22:33:52 ---our site admin (and unofficial leader :D )

--- End quote ---
:wtf: :p

I know I'm late in reply.

Welcome back!

Been seeing some of you around again as of late. Hopefully theres more who return to enjoy some games like the old days.


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