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Welcome Nurredin!

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It's been a while since the last GoD news: Some of us had to take a gaming break during summer. But as usual, the GoD clan revives when the temperatures drop and the graphics cards stop howling their fans in the heat. We're almost complete again and ready for this autumn's OA season! :D

I'm also glad to announce that we now have GoD | Nurredin supporting us in this undertaking. Surely you all know him already from occasional instantgibbery in the arena.

Welcome Nurredin! May your grip on the mouse always be firm!

Peter Silie:
That is a realy good news :yep:

A welcome to Nurredin from my side and i am glad to see you joining our journey "where no man has gone before" ;D

     :cheers:   Welcome Nurredin!    :cheers:

It's nice to have you in our little (but historic) clan  :yep:

Sorry for the delay of my reply but thank you all for your warm welcome!
And don't forget : When Nurredin joins your team, you know you gonna win!

Peter Silie:


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