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OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« on: 04.11.2015, 17:08:19 »
I found my old chat bindings and I'm trying to use them now in public games :) Because why not.
I'm using the arrow keys and a little script to indicate 8 different directions. It's very easy to remember.

↑↑: Flag leaving HIGH
↓↓: Flag leaving LOW
←←: Flag leaving LEFT
→→: Flag leaving RIGHT

↑← / ←↑: Flag leaving HIGH LEFT
↑→ / →↑: Flag leaving HIGH RIGHT
↓← / ←↓: Flag leaving LOW LEFT
↓→ / →↓: Flag leaving LOW RIGHT

If you want to use it too, here's the script. Change it however you like.

Code: (bind.cfg) [Select]
// Text
seta say_flag_up        "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH;       vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_down      "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW;        vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_left      "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LEFT;       vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_right     "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3RIGHT;      vstr state_reset"

seta say_flag_upleft    "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH LEFT;  vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_upright   "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH RIGHT; vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_downleft  "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW LEFT;   vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_downright "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW RIGHT;  vstr state_reset"

// States
seta up_exec    "vstr state_up"
seta down_exec  "vstr state_down"
seta left_exec  "vstr state_left"
seta right_exec "vstr state_right"

seta state_reset "set up_exec vstr state_up;          set down_exec vstr state_down;          set left_exec vstr state_left;         set right_exec vstr state_right;         set delayed_reset vstr dr_off"

seta state_up    "set up_exec vstr say_flag_up;       set down_exec vstr state_reset;         set left_exec vstr say_flag_upleft;    set right_exec vstr say_flag_upright;    set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_down  "set up_exec vstr state_reset;       set down_exec vstr say_flag_down;       set left_exec vstr say_flag_downleft;  set right_exec vstr say_flag_downright;  set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_left  "set up_exec vstr say_flag_upleft;   set down_exec vstr say_flag_downleft;   set left_exec vstr say_flag_left;      set right_exec vstr state_reset;         set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_right "set up_exec vstr say_flag_upright;  set down_exec vstr say_flag_downright;  set left_exec vstr state_reset;        set right_exec vstr say_flag_right;      set delayed_reset vstr dr0"

// Reset
seta delayed_reset "vstr dr_off"
seta dr_off ""

seta dr0 "set delayed_reset vstr dr1"
seta dr1 "set delayed_reset vstr dr2"
seta dr2 "set delayed_reset vstr dr3"
seta dr3 "vstr state_reset"

// Binding
bind UPARROW    "vstr up_exec"
bind DOWNARROW  "vstr down_exec"
bind LEFTARROW  "vstr left_exec"
bind RIGHTARROW "vstr right_exec"

bind w "+forward; vstr delayed_reset"
bind a "+moveleft; vstr delayed_reset"
bind s "+back; vstr delayed_reset"
bind d "+moveright; vstr delayed_reset"

Save it as bind.cfg in your baseoa directory and then in the game type "/exec bind.cfg" in the console.

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Re: OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« Reply #1 on: 04.11.2015, 17:38:14 »
I usually play with cg_drawCrosshairNames 0 so I don't see player names. However, sometimes I want to search for a certain teammate or opponent ;)
This is why I use this little script as a toggle on a mouse button:

Code: [Select]
seta chnames1 "cg_drawCrosshairNames 1; echo Crosshair Names ON;  set chnames vstr chnames0"
seta chnames0 "cg_drawCrosshairNames 0; echo Crosshair Names OFF; set chnames vstr chnames1"
seta chnames  "vstr chnames1"

bind MOUSE5 "vstr chnames"

This can be used with any option.

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Re: OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« Reply #2 on: 05.11.2015, 19:58:54 »
Nice little binds!