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General / Re: Z4muZ vs Michel
« on: 21.06.2017, 03:56:13 »
I vote for me! :lol: sorry michael, but I'm the best

General / Re: Hello Guys!
« on: 21.06.2017, 00:37:04 »
I'm not camper, I'm defender lol. Thanks for your vote :D I like!!. sorry I'm not conected lol  :lol:

General / Hello Guys!
« on: 18.06.2017, 18:10:18 »
Hello everyone, I'm the best player of the openarena instagib. I want to know: How can I join your team.  I'm from Colombia and my nickname is z4MuZ :D thanks

I know to it's a short message, but is very expressive .  :yep: :yep: :lol: 8)

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