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Title: Hello all!
Post by: Alter Ego on 06.12.2016, 15:58:24
Hello all of you GOD guys and friends!

First of all, excuse my poor english :)

You should have spoke about myself for a few weeks ago.

I whant to join your clan even I am the leader of the saf (fun) clan. http://hfgl.ml

Our clan is realy not very serious...as our tag is showing.  ;)

So I wait a very long time for your decission. I know it from our clan that its very difficult to coordinate a (fun)

clan because never all members come together at the same time i guess.  :'(

So i can understand that it can took a bit time to manage some things like a voting about a new member.

I Played with Nurredin, Homme de NoiR, Lukel and FennelFetish for now.

So I still would be happy if I can join you and maybe connect to my own clan sometimes to play with each other

or work on some tactics and just have much fun.  :D

So i thought i put this to the Forum instead of communicate with Fennel only in private, so you all can see it.

I whish you all nice christmas days and if we dont speak bevore...a good slide into 2017!

HFGL and CU soon!
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: ShelbyKopp on 14.09.2017, 08:13:12
Interesting and at this time you still play again?